After Hours

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The 1985 dark comedy film After Hours is usually classified as minor Scorsese. Though it might not be as groundbreaking or memorable as Scorsese’s previous 10 years of filmmaking, After Hours has gained respect and cult-status over the years and, along with its predecessor, King of Comedy, is a much-watch for any film buff. After the reserved, yuppie word processer Paul Hackett (played by Griffin Dune) finds himself stranded and penniless in SoHo, he spends a surreal night roaming haplessly through the streets of lower Manhattan in search of safe haven. His nocturnal odyssey takes him to a sculptor’s loft, a dingy pub, a punk nightclub, and of course, a 24-hour diner. With its elongated, stainless steel exterior, neon signage, formica tables, and red leather seating, the diner is as classic as any you’ll find in New York City. Paul returns to the River Diner at 452 11th Avenue several times throughout the evening but unfortunately, the diner was recently demolished and we can no longer do the same.


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