Taxi Driver

13-break-time taxidriver-bubbles-700x380 taxi-driver-diner taxidriver-diner1 taxidriver-diner2   imagestaxidriver

Taxi Driver provides one of the most indelible portraits of the decadence and decay of New York City in the 1970s. After long nights of driving through Manhattan, disgusted by the junkies, pimps, prostitutes, and criminals that line the decrepit streets, Travis Bickle often meets up with his fellow cabbies at an all-night coffee shop and diner. It is here that the men discuss the shocking rise in violence of the city and debate whether or not is appropriate to arm themselves while Travis stares deeply into his fizzing glass of seltzer. The Belmore Cafeteria on Park Avenue and 28th where the scene was filmed was once a hotspot for New York’s real life taxi drivers, but as the story so often goes, it has since been bulldozed. Travis goes to a diner two other times in the film, first to take Betsy on a date and then later to convince Iris to leave prostitution behind over a midday snack of orange juice and peanut butter and jelly.


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