Blue Velvet

12-dinerbluevelvet 0069314_6178_MC_Tx360 blue-velvet-diner arlenesb051c844-c9dc-4ca6-be68-1c2c12af8894_l

From its opening scene, David Lynch’s Blue Velvet works to uncover the dark, disturbing world teeming beneath the cheery surface of American suburbia. It makes  sense that Lynch would chose the all-American diner as the meeting point where Jeffrey and Sandy hatch a plan to unearth Lumbertown’s dirty secrets. After Jeffrey tells Sandy his scheme to break into Dorothy Vallens’ apartment, she responds by saying, “You can tell me any plan you want, but its not going any further than this diner.” Of course, if this were true, we wouldn’t have a movie. At the time of filming, “Arlene’s Restaurant” was actually the New Hanover Human Resources office but now, you can grab a coffee at Port City Java at 402 Chestnut Street in Wilmington, North Carolina. David Lynch might be a bit obsessed with diners, as they play prominent roles in Mulholland Drive and the television show Twin Peaks.


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