The Big Lebowski

lebowski Sobchak ScreenShot1247 22774758-22774760-large


The Big Lebowski’s most memorable scenes may be set in the Hollywood Star Bowling Alley in East Hollywood (now demolished), but there are several amusing moments set in diners as well. When Walter and the Dude debate whether or not the infamous toe indeed belongs to Bunny, they do so over coffee at Johnies Coffee Shop and Restaurant, located at 610 Wilshire Boulevard in midtown. Walter’s language eventually becomes too profane for the respectable “family restaurant,” but he insists on staying put to uphold his first amendment rights and finish his coffee. Unfortunately, Johnie’s is now used solely as a filming location and visitors can’t go there to test the limits of prior restraint like Walter, but they can see it again in films like Reservoir Dogs and American History X. Later on in the film, the German nihilists indulge in the classic American fare of pancakes and pigs in a blanket at Dinah’s Family Restaurant. Located at 6521 Sepulveda Boulevard in Culver City, the delightfully retro Dinah’s is thankfully still open for business and proudly serving up pancakes everyday.


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