Back to the Future 2

back_to_the_future_diner MovieBack-to-the-Future-2-1989_02 18k2pi0yr0lsmjpg fmkkWUU EG5lODhyMTI=_o_cafe-80s-part-3-from-back-to-the-future-part-ii-1989 18grjkc6yp4wrjpg 36_2

Crazily enough, when Marty hops back in the DeLorean for the Back to the Future sequel, he travels to the year 2015. While the film got some stuff about the future right, such as flat screen TVs, voice activated technology, and a video-chat system akin to Skype, society still has a long way to go before achieving some of its other predictions. The 2015 of 1989 features flying cars, hover boards, the Black & Decker Food Hydrator, and auto-fitting clothing that basically looks like something out of bad ’80s music video. In the fictional 2015, Lou’s Cafe has turned into a retro 1980s diner where patrons ride stationary bikes while eating their meal, watch Michael Jackson interviews on individual television sets, play old arcade style video games (with their hands!), and drink Pepsi’s that rise up out of the counter. If Back to the Future 2 got one thing correct, it is that nostalgia is a powerful and omnipresent force. The desire for the retro will always be “in” and the past will always look better and more romantic than the present, shoulder pads and velour included.


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