Back to the Future

Lou's_cafe tmb_2214_480 20130321-013756 BTTF Diner bnupb tumblr_md3fixRXuO1qdbyqso1_500

We may all want to pump the DeLorean up to 1.21 gigawatts and return to a classic ‘50s diner for 25-cent hamburgers and 15-cent milkshakes, but unfortunately, we only get to watch Marty McFly do it in Back to the Future while we sit here in the future drinking our Tabs and Pepsi Frees. Shortly upon his arrival at the Hill Valley of 1955, Marty McFly stumbles into Lou’s Café where he encounters his stuttering teenage father being bullied by Biff and his cronies. With its pastel green walls, black and white checkered floors, and employees in crisp white uniforms, Lou’s is as pure of a mid-century American diner as you’re going to get, mostly because it’s fake. The scene in Lou’s was filmed on a set and no amount of plutonium will allow us to visit it in real life.


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