When Jimmy Conway (Robert DeNiro) and Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) need a secure location to meet for an important conversation, they chose, as Henry says in his narration, a “crowded place both of us knew.” Of course, this just so happens to be a diner. In countless films, diners serve as safe spaces for characters to meet up and discuss sensitive information and hatch various illicit schemes, even if they involve murder. This scene, in which Jimmy first asks Henry to do a hit job, was filmed at the Clinton Diner on Maspeth Avenue in Queens. Earlier in the film, Henry and Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci) meet in front of the Airline Diner near the ‘Idlewood Airport.” Though the diner, located on Astoria Avenue at 70th in Queens, has since been absorbed by the Jackson Hole chain, it thankfully still retains the classic neon sign and its original pink and chrome interior.


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