Sullivan’s Travels

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Preston Strugess’ 1941 classic Sullivan’s Travels is a screw-ball comedy, a road film, and one of the greatest movies ever made about making movies. In it, the famous director John L. Sullivan (Joel McCrea) disguises himself as a hobo and sets off on a cross country journey in pursuit of true suffering, something he believes is a requirement for creating an artistic masterpiece. Not far into his journey, he wanders into a roadside diner where he meets a beautiful nameless blonde played by Veronica Lake who is also trying to escape Hollywood, only this time as a failed actress. After ordering him ham and eggs and offering him cigarettes, the two get to talking. Unaware that she is chatting with a world-renowned director of comedies, she tells him, “The nice thing about buying food for a man is that you don’t have to laugh at his jokes.” Later on in the film, after a failed attempt to ride the rails together, the pair stops at another diner and out of the goodness of his heart, the man behind the counter offers the two famished travelers donuts for free.

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