Pineapple Express

pineapple express

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The roadside diner is beloved by many, especially the stoner, who relies on comfortable, low-profile, 24 hour food establishments to fill his or her greasy food fix whenever the craving may strike, which is usually quite often. In this respect, it makes perfect since that the stoner epic Pineapple Express concludes in a diner, where Dale, Saul, and Red discuss the previous day’s events over the traditional bacon, eggs, and coffee. Like a group of hung-over friends after a night of heavy partying, the three blood-encrusted boys rehash the fights, police chases, and murders of the night before, ending with a heartfelt declaration of their love for each other. At one point, Red even wonders if he is on the verge of death or just very stoned, prompting Saul to feed him a friendly bite of yogurt. Now a classic of both the stoner and the bromance genre, Pineapple Express is laugh-out-loud hilarious throughout, but nothing quite tops the comedic brilliance of this final scene. The scene was filmed at the Rock Store, located at 30354 Mulholland Highway in Malibu. Once a hot springs resort frequented by silent film stars, the Rock Store is now a diner and a popular hang out for bikers. Though it is famous as a hub for biker culture, the Rock Store welcomes all, from celebrities like Harrison Ford and Jay Leno to locals trying to escape the city to avid movie buffs looking to eat breakfast at the cite of one of their favorite films.

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